How To Decorate A Bedroom

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the bedroom of even the living room. Well, in this homify feature we look add ideas of decorating a room without a window in sleek and simple elegance. However, first begin by ensuring that all your walls and flooring spaces are aligned and use contrasting Keep reading for Julia’s five tips on dividing a studio and to be inspired by more decorating ideas for small apartments “If you want to draw attention to the bedroom, you may want to install a beautiful statement pendant hanging over the bed Measure the space before buying a bed, says Rachel. And, while you’re at it, ensure there is enough room to accommodate at least one side table, and room for access for bed-making. Create a focal point in your bedroom with a headboard. It makes the room As the nights draw in and the weather turns cold, there is nowhere in the house that can bring quite as much pleasure as a warm, comfortable living room. From furniture to colours, pattern to pictures, Emily Senior looks at the design elements needed to With an inspired idea to go faux, and some serious DIY ingenuity, here’s how Heather and her husband transformed their family room — a centerpiece of the home they share with their three kids — for a tiny fraction of the cost of real wood beams. The price tag for laundry room renovations can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending what is done. To see how Houzz readers are improving their laundry rooms, we asked Houzzers to share their renovation stories and costs. .

Possibly, “Very Grace” means no corner of Grace’s room goes without a nod to her modern-yet-eclectic, vintage decorating style. College is a time when many slowly groove into the person they want to become and Grace’s dorm room touches are a The list of contacts in Christina Juarez’s iPhone reads like a who’s who of the decorating world upon walking through the front door of the 1,400-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment overlooking Manhattan’s High Line. It takes guts to pile bold We see it every time New York Fashion Week arrives and takes over our Instagram feeds: what’s in is now out, what’s old is new again, and vice versa. The only constant, if there is one at all, is that element of surprise, and American fashion designer .

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